Bug Out Vehicles
bug-out vehicle is any vehicle that you have prepared to get from point A to B during a disaster.

It can be your everyday vehicle, but some believe that older vehicles, pre-1980's, are better able to withstand a electrical magnetic pulse (EMP)

If you don't want to walk, you will need one of the following types of BOVs

Pre-1980's car, van or truck; four wheel drive if possible.
Believed to be able to survive an EMP.

1981 or newer car, van or truck; four wheel drive if possible.
Some say they will also survive an EMP, but they do have more electronics and are harder to work on yourself.

Motorcycle - The older versus newer debate is the same for motorcycles. They carry less, but are easier to maneuver through traffic.

Bicycle/Tricycle - They need no fuel and are vary reliable; some have electric motors.

Boat - Don't forget about waterways; if you need to build one, PVC catamarans are a good choice.

Making Alcohol Based Fuels At Home - TSP

Did you know that you can legally and inexpensively make your own alcohol based fuels at home. This podcast talks about the easiest method by using sugar and moves onto ways to cut the cost to almost nothing by using left over bread, cola syrup, old doughnuts, etc as feed sources for your yeast.

Prepper Vehicles & Creative Fuel Uses - TSP

TSP discusses “prepper vehicles”, creative solutions for alternative fuel options with diesel motors, basic vehicle maintenance, equipping the prepper vehicle and more.

Show Topics:

  • Why prepper vehicle vs. BOV (bug out vehicle)
  • Five factors to look for in a prepper vehicle
    • Suitability
    • Reliability
    • Ruggedness
    • Maintainability
    • Sustainability
  • Why diesel and what kind makes sense
  • The virtues of the humble and affordable CUCV
  • What parts you should always carry with you
  • Why you should keep good but cheap tools in your vehicle
  • How do you use waste motor oil as fuel
  • What are the advantages of using waste oil as fuel
  • What are the risks of using waste oil as fuel
  • How do you get started learning how to work on your own vehicle
  • The advantages of military vehicles in relation to TMs
  • What is a “Hi Lift” jack and why should you have one

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