Icon Color Codes
Active member icons are Blue or purple.

During disasters:

Camp ants will change their icon to yellow

All other ants that want to volunteer or let others know that they are OK will change their icon to green

Ants located in the disaster area that need help will have their icon changed to red

And finally, every six months I will send out an icon color change notice that will require you to change the color of your icon from blue to purple or purple to blue.

We do this in order to identify inactive ants.
To change the color of your icon:

  • Go to the map and sign in to your Google account
  • Click edit
  • Click onto your icon
  • Click onto the small icon in the top right corner of your edit box and select new color.

The current icon color is blue and the next icon color change alert will be sent out on June 15, 2014.

Icons are blue from December 15 to June 15 and Purple from June 15 to December 15
How to change the color of your icon

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