What Are Preppers?

A prepper is an individual that prepares and makes preparations in advance of, or prior to, any change in normal circumstances or lifestyle, so that they can continue to live without a significant reliance on other persons with the ultimate goal of being self reliant.

Preppers are sometimes identified as modern-day survivalists or neo-survivalists, but are far from the stereotype of survivalists past.

Prepping has also been dubbed as survivalism light.

Preppers have many different mindsets and cover a broad spectrum of survival and preparedness interests, from small personal disasters to long term global events.

Prepper Social Networks have also formed around this movement. A.N.T.S is one such network and while there have always been people who have anticipated and prepared for disaster, "prepping" as a discernible movement has emerged only recently, with the growth of such sites.

The Prepper Movement is growing into an American subculture that some adherents claim is bigger than the tea party movement. The demographic contrasts starkly with the secretive, backwoods bunker survivalists of the 1970s and '80s.

Twenty steps to take; for the person who has just decided that it is time to do something, but isn’t quite sure what that “something” is.
Is there a difference between the prepper, the survivalist and the homesteader?  If so does it even really matter?  What common ground do all three self identified groups share?  What is the difference between societies view of each group and the reality of the individuals that make them up?

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